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    Cheryl Watson's 
    WLM Quickstart Policy

    Here you'll find a downloadable version of my Quickstart Policy. It will require some tailoring for your site before it can be used, but you should be able to have a policy set up within minutes. This page provides the information on downloading the policy and instructions on modifying the policy for your site. 

    Many thanks to my friend, Norman Hollander from Candle Corporation, for his help in setting this procedure up. 

    A. Download Instructions:

    1. Download qsp.bin onto your PC. You will probably be asked for a location to store it. Your browser might create an EXE extension for the file; just ignore the extension - it's not an executable file.

    3. Transfer the file you just saved from your PC to the mainframe as a binary file to a sequential data set of fixed block, 80 lrecl (e.g. to a file called 'userid.QSP'). It's VERY important to do this transfer as a binary transfer, not as text. This is an unloaded sequential file on the host. At the TSO command prompt, issue: 

      This will display the name of the PDS that was transmitted (CLW.QSP.PDS) and a message: ' Enter restore parameters or 'DELETE' or 'END' +'. Hit the ENTER key to create a PDS with your userid: userid.QSP.PDS. If you wish to change the dataset name, enter 'DA(dsname)'. If the dataset already exists, the RECEIVE will ask if you want to replace it. Enter 'R' to replace. 
    B. Install Instructions:
      Once the file is on a PDS, invoke the WLM ISPF panels. If you have not created a couple data set, see our "Getting to Goal Mode - Step by Step" article from our Web site. 

      When WLM begins, it will ask you if you want to 'Read a saved definition'. Select this option, then enter the name of the PDS you just created (userid.QSP.PDS).

      Now you can start modifying the service policy to match your system. If you have designed a policy to use, then modify the Quickstart Policy to match your specifications. If you have not designed a policy and want to use the Quickstart Policy as it is, you must at least do the following: 

      • Select "Classification Groups" from the primary WLM panel. 

      • Select "Transaction Name Groups." 

      • Modify each group and enter your jobs names as shown in the sample policy. 
      • Select "Transaction Class Groups." 

      • Modify and enter job classes for each type of batch job and any IMS classes. 

        Note that all unassigned job classes will be assume to be in TSTBATLO - Low priority rest batch. 
      • Select "Service Classes."

        Modify any importance values or response goals for your site. The primary ones to change are those for the TSTBATHI and TSTBATMD service classes.
      • Save the policy and activate it when you want to test it. 
    If you have any questions or problems with this download, please send an email to technical@watsonwalker.com. Enjoy! 

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